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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Of Givers & Friends

Real friends are bet identified in one’s time of great need. Their unspoken pledge of friendship is voiced out by their sacrifices for others. While some give wings to live by just preaching it, they create hands for it by reaching out to their fellowmen; while some talk of the law of love, they add to it love’s spirit; while others preach practicality, they show compassion; while some know love only by the flick of their tongues, they understand it with the beat of their hearts.

They don’t give for leverage or investment. They don’t give with an open palm paired to a clenched first. And they don’t give to the sound of the trumpet of vainglory.

These are the women and men who give hope o those who have lost it, who give light to those who have much of the dark, who show love even to those who only have hatred in their hearts, who rebuild faith in those who had lost it, and who unveil life’s beauty to those whose visions are obscured by life’s ugly pall.

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alf said...

Indeed, one of the best examples of friendship was shown by Jesus Christ who gave His life for undeserved friends like us:)