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Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Prejudices and Preconceptions"

prejudicetshirt.jpgprejudicetshirt.jpg"Prejudice is an unreasoning and biased opinion formed on unjust grounds. It is an adverse and unfair judgment, sometimes hastily made, concerning an individual, a group, a race, a culture, a religion, an issue, usually formed without sufficient knowledge. It is also an attitude of hostility. Preconceptions are prejudicetshirt.jpgopinions formed prior to knowing the facts or without personal experience. (69)

Tragically, a person could be harboring prejudices and wrong preconceptions about anything without realizing it. Prejudice could also develop as one lives closely with a person or group of people... (70)

Sometimes, it's easy to think that our way is the only logical and proper way of doing things. This is being ethnocentric. Ethnocentricity is believing that one's own nation, culture, or group is intrinsically superior. We could become insensitive and start to impose our way on others, even backing it up with Scriptural texts! For instance, we cannot judge a native tribal lady as immodest, promiscuous and sinful, because she is only wearing a skirt made from the bark of a tree with nothing on top, which is their native costume. She is just as modest as the lady from our "modern civilization" who covers herself from the neck down to her knees...In Nepal, Dhal-Bhat (rice and lentil soup) is normally, but skillfully, eaten by using one's hand, not with the spoon-and-fork or bowl-and-chopsticks! Different but not wrong!" (71)

- Manzano, Jojo. 2002. Missions is for Every Church. Manila: OMF Literature.

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