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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

AUS Profile

Elementary (6th Grade) - Balbalasang Elementary School, Balbalasang, Balbalan, Kalinga (1939-1940)
Intermediate (7th Grade) - St. Mary’s School, Sagada, Mt. Province (1941)
Secondary (Academic) - Kalinga Academy, Lubuagan, Kalinga (1949)
Tertiary - Baguio Colleges Foundation, Baguio City (BSE, 1950); Silliman University, Dumaguete City(3rd Yr. BSE, 1950-1953); Baguio Colleges Foundation (BA, 1958-1963); Baguio Colleges Foundation (2nd Yr. Law, 1968)
Student Work Scholarship, Silliman University (1950-1953)
BIBAK Student Leadership Scholarship, Baguio Colleges Foundation (1958)
Presidential Scholarship on Journalism, Baguio Colleges Foundation (1959-1962)
Commission on National Integration (CNI) Scholarship, Baguio Colleges Foundation (1967-1968)
Cultural Community Officer (Unassembled) – Tuguegarao, Cagayan (1978)
Stope Mapper, Baguio Gold Mining Company - Itogon, Benguet (1954-1955)
Wagon Driller, Guy F. Atkinson Company - Ambuklao Dam Project, Bokod,  Benguet (1955-1957)
News ReporterThe Mountaineer - La Trinidad, Benguet (1957-1958)
High School Teacher, St. Paul’s Memorial High School - Balbalasang, Balbalan, Kalinga (1959-1960)
Public Information Officer, Baguio Colleges Foundation - Baguio City (1960-1961)
Provincial Editor, Baguio Midland Courier (1962)
Provincial Scout Executive, Mountain Province Council, Boy Scouts of the Philippines (1963-1965)
Managing Editor, The Mountaineer - La Trinidad, Benguet (1968-1969)
Correspondent, Philippines News Service (PNS) - Mountain Province (1960-1972)
Provincial Scout Executive, Kalinga-Apayao Council, Boy Scouts of the Philippines (1973-1974)
Correspondent, The Manila TimesBoy Scouts of the Philippines (1988-1990)
Staff Writer & Columnist, Baguio Daily Vibrations - Baguio City (1988-1990)
Editor, The Highland Sentinel - Baguio City (1993-1995)
Editor, The North Luzon Times - Tabuk, Kalinga(1999)
Press Relations Officer, Province of Benguet (1967-1968)
Press Relations Officer, Province of Kalinga-Apayao (1968-1969)
Provincial Secretary, Province of Kalinga-Apayao (1969-1970)
Chief of Staff, Office of Congressman Felipe B. Almazan, House of Representatives, Congress - Manila (1971-1973)
Information Writer, Joint Executive-Legislative Tax Commission (JLETC) - Manila (1973)
Regional Supervising Information Officer II, Department of Public Information (DPI), Region IITuguegarao, Cagayan (1974-1975)
Senior Reporter and Bureau Chief, Philippines News Agency (PNA), Bureau of National and Foreign Information (BNFI), DPI - Manila (1968-1969)
Executive Assistant, Office of the Governor, Province of Kalinga-Apayao (1976-1977)
Provincial Secretary, Province of Kalinga-Apayao (1978-1979)
Provincial Administrator, Province of Kalinga-Apayao (1980-1983)
Provincial Planning and Development Coordinator, Province of Kalinga-Apayao (1983-1984)
Bureau Chief, Philippines News Agency (PNA), Kalinga-Apayao Bureau (1984-1985)
Station Manager, Radyo Ng Bayan Kalinga-Apayao (DZRK), Bureau of Broadcasts (1986-1987)
Consultant, Public Affairs and Information, Kalinga Special Development Authority (KSDA), Province of Kalinga-Apayao (1990-1991)
Provincial Executive Officer, Cordillera Bodong Commission, Cordillera Executive Board (CEB) for Kalinga-Apayao (1980-1989)
Chief Regional Development Officer and Board Secretary, CEB – Baguio City (1989-1990)
Provincial Information Officer, DENR-PENRO - Kalinga-Apayao (1990-1991)
Information Writer, DOTC-CAR Regional Office - Baguio City (1991-1992)
Chief Correspondent, Philippines News Agency for Cordillera Administrative Region - Baguio City (1993-1994)
Senior News Editor, Philippines News Agency- Baguio City (1994-1995)
Consultant on Tourism and Media Services, Office of the Governor, Province if Kalinga (1996)
Member/Director, Cordillera Executive Board (CEB) – Baguio City (1996)
Consultant, CEB - Baguio City (1998)
Provincial Information Officer, Province of Kalinga (2001-2002)
Graduate , 3th National Training School for Scout Executive, Boy Scouts of the Philippines - National Scout Reservation, Mt. Makiling, Los Banos, Laguna (1963)
Participant, First Provincial Correspondents Seminar-Workshop, Philippines Press Institute – U.P. Padre Faura, Manila (1964)
Executive Officer, Mountain Province Contingent, 3rd National Jamboree, Boy Scouts of the Philippines – Cebu City (1964)
Participant, 1st Community Journalism Seminar, National Press Club - Manila (1967)
Participant, Northern Luzon Journalism Seminar-Workshop, Federation of Provincial Press Clubs of the Philippines – (Teachers Camp, Baguio City (1968)
Participant, Seminar-Workshop for Provincial Journalists on the New Society - DBP Auditorium, Makati (1973)
Executive Officer, Kalinga-Apayao Contingent, Golden Jubilee National Jamboree and First Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Jamboree - Mt. Makiling, Loas Banos, Laguna (1974)
Participant, Seminar-Workshop on Nespaper Cooperatives, Department of Public Information-Development Academy of the Philippines - Antipolo Hotel, Antipolo, Rizal (1974)
Participant, First National Seminar on Codification of Ordinances, Civil Service Academy-Department of Local Government-Development Academy of the Philippines – U.P. Law Center, Diliman, Quezon City (1976)
Graduate, First  Development Managers Course, Civil Service Academy-UP Local Government Center-Development Academy of the Philippines – DAP, Tagaytay City (1979)
Participant, First Follow-through Seminar-Workshop on the Development Managers Course – Covelandia, Cavite (1980)
Participant, Trainors Training in Projecdt Program Management, Ministry of Local Government – Hilton Hotel, Baguio City (1983)
Participant, Tourism Master Plan Workshop-Seminar – Mt. Data Hotel, Bauko, Mt. Province (1995)
Participant, Eco-Tourism Seminar for the Northern Luzon Tourism Cluster of the Tourism Council of the Philippines - Baluarte, Vigan, Ilocos Sur (1995)
Participant, National Assembly of Tourism Councils of the Philippines - PICC, Manila (1995)
Member, National  Press Club of the Philippines; Federation of Provincial Press Clubs of the Philippines; NOrthern Luzon Press and Radio Association; Baguio Correspondents and Broadcasters Club; Baguio Press Club
Secretary, Baguio Press Club
President, Young Men’s Cjristian Association (YMCA) - Kalinga-Apayao
Member, Rio Chico Lodge No. 182 (Free and Accepted Masons of the Philippines
Director, National Board, Development Managers Association of the Philippines
President, Development Managers Association of the Philippines, Region II Chapter
Founding President, Kalinga-Apayao Provincial Government Employees Association (KAPGEA)
Director, Chamber of Commerce of Kalinga-Apayao
Secretary-General, Kalinga Bodong Federation
President, Kalinga-Apayao Broadcasters and Writers Club
Chairman and President, Executive Board, Kalinga-Apayao Cordillera Bodong Administration
President, Bulanao Parent-Teachers Assocation
Chairman, Advisory Board, Kalinga-Apayao Association of Journalists
Secretary (1st Assistant), Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) Regional Tourism Council
Director (Member of the Board), Kalinga Provincial Tourism Council
Chairman (President), Kalinga-Apayao Council, Boy Scouts of the Philippines

Scoutmaster, Troop 6, Silliman Universith High School, Silliman University, Dumaguete City (1952-1953)
President, Centralized BIBAK Association, INc., Baguio City (1962)
Editor-in-Chief, The Gold Ore, Official Publication of the Baguio Colleges Foundation (1959-1962)
Associate Secretary, College Editors Guild of the Philippines(1961)
Representative, Baguio Colleges Student Council (1959-1962)
Managing Editor, Baguio Collegian, Graduation Annual of the Baguio Colleges Foundation, Class ’63
President, Northern Luzon Student Pensionados Association (CONISPA), Commision on National Integration (1967-1968)


popoy said...

9 Responses to AUS Profile (from old Wordpress file), 1 of 2:

art | June 8, 2009 at 10:07 am | Reply

This site is really great!
It chronicles important characteristics, personalities and events of CAR and it keeps us reminded of the historic past of the region.
Pls allow me to link and use some of the images and narrative about Manong Gus for my postings on pioneering Cordillera newsmen.
scott saboy | June 8, 2009 at 11:24 am | Reply

please feel free to use any materials here for your projects manong. i am still sifting through dad’s photofiles, including sets of age-old slides, much of which I intend to give to the UP Baguio archives. will be posting some more AUS dox here in the next few months. agyamanak iti panagbisitam manong. – popoy :)
Johanna A. Kostine | July 19, 2009 at 3:42 pm | Reply

Hello Scott,

I just got back home from Tabuk this morning after attending the BOT meeting at the diocesan for St Paul’s Memorial School, Balbalasang for a fresh start for this school year 2009-2010. I will be back again next week via Abra to bring in people from the Board of Trustees of St Luke’s to visit our place. They were so interested in seeing that lovely remote village after i related some of the beauty that comes from within – the unspoiled charm that that transcends others opinion.I invited them personally by the way to help jump-start the rehabilitiation of the church and hopefully all of the mission properties within. Hoping it will start next year. I felt it as my own personal quest to help the people of Balbalasang and dreamed of making that place shine again…against all odds! It is my biggest dream to start something before i leave finally for France this coming August.
By looking at the photos you’ve posted above, my family in Balbalasang has several snapshots of your father and friends in their younger days. My aunt is an avid compiler of photos of the yesteryears of which she belongs too and i find it amazing to see the gleaming faces of the early youths of Balbalasang. If you happen to go Balbalasang one day…ask for the Baguiwong family house and from there you can ask to see the old album that contains the youth of Balbalasang in the 1930′s – 1960′s. Perhaps it might be of help!
Do have a good day and continue with the good work…It’s a legacy from your dad (one of the best sons of Balbalasang).

popoy said...

Comments from old Wordpress blog, 2 of 2:


scott saboy | July 20, 2009 at 7:40 am | Reply

I wish you well in all your plans, manang. Would you happen to know if my dad was able to write a historical sketch of SPMS? I’m sure he was working on it shortly before he died. If he wasn’t able finish it, I am willing to go over uncle Theodore’s draft on the history of SPMS which I still have with me, finalize it and send a hard copy to the Diocesan in Tabuk. Ingatz! :)

adam borja | August 6, 2009 at 3:21 pm | Reply

hi scott….
i hope you still remember me. we were together for a short time here in baguio, and your dad is an esteemed colleague (better yet, MANONG) of mine. it was an honor to rub shoulders with Manong Gus when I was just a cub reporter here.
Funny I came across your site at a time when Cory fever is back in the country, with her much publicized burial yesterday. This sad event evoked memories of the Cordillera Administrative Region, Balweg, CRA-CEB-CBA, CPLA, and of course your dad and the several others I’ve had the honor of working with. Manong Peppot, of course. Sergio Kawi, Abe Pawid, Nathan Alcantara, Lakay Ben Rillera, Lakay Joe Florendo, and all the rest….
I hope you’re doing fine in your projects there in Kalinga. One reason why I decided to post this note is that, while Baguio City is about to celebrate its Centennial Year this September 1, there seems to be gaps about its history in relation to the tribes of the old Mountain Provinces. I’ve worked with the Centennial Commission as a researcher for some time, and I’m planning to write a revised (and complete) history of Baguio this Centennial Year. Hope you could help me. Let’s keep in touch. email me at or I maintain regular weekend columns in the Sunstar, Cordillera Today, and Zigzag.

Ingat bro! and best regards.

adam b.
scott saboy | August 10, 2009 at 8:01 am | Reply

halu bro, very happy to be in touch with you again! how would I forget a good friend!? :) hay, all those names make me wistful for the Old Dainty… been digging into my dad’s files for old photos of Baguio/Baguio newsfolks, ever since I chanced upon mam Ruby Carino who was enthusiastic about them. Am back in Baguio gayam, now teaching at UPB so we’re close enough to have a cup of tea one time. :) i hope to see you 01 Sept at National Bookstore (SM Baguio) for the launching of Baguio Vintage and The Baguio We Know. cheers!
Charry Kennedy Dao-wan Wanasen | February 9, 2010 at 6:21 pm | Reply

Hi… Good day po… My Mom talks about you as a media practitioner and i’m not even aware of it… hehe… I’m studying po here in UC taking up Mass Communications as well.. Now, i have my internship in broadcasting at Bombo Radyo and after completing 300 hours i will then start with print… Hope to meet you soon po Uncle… and maybe learn some techniques in Print Journ ‘coz i’m really not that good… Take care po always…
Charry Kennedy Dao-wan Wanasen | February 9, 2010 at 6:24 pm | Reply

Another one po… That picture “with the guys”… Lolo Jeremy is there.. hehe… I’ve seen him through pictures only kasi…
scott saboy | February 9, 2010 at 6:55 pm | Reply

hi Charry, am happy to know you’re into journ. try to drop by UP Baguio when you have time. i’m with the College of Arts and Communication. see u when i see you! :)