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Saturday, January 5, 2008

"Our Broken World"

“In pursuit of pthe-great-rescue.jpgrogress, we foul the water, destroy the forests and pollute the air. We work harder and longer in our quest for a better life, only to discover that we have grown a monster we cannot afford to feed. We desire rest but generate stress. We sacrifice our lives to obtain a living. In the process, we lose our families and forget who we really are.

So we build hospitals and hospices. We construct prisons and jails. We read the experts, retain lawyers, consult psychologists and counselors – but it is all too little and too late. We can punish but we cannot prevent. At best, we can only hope to minimize the damage, contain the violence, limit the destruction of our bodies, minds, homes, societies and earth. No, things are not as they ought to be.”

- Edward Fudge, The Great Rescue: The Story of God’s Amazing Grace (Orange, CA: New Leaf Books, 2002), pp. 13-14.

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