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Thursday, January 3, 2008

On Words

“Words are not ideas. At best they are symbols of ideas. Simple people require but few words and acarl-k.jpgll of these originally have a confined or limited usage. But as those who use them develop new skills and multiply their relationship to the world around them their words take on new connotations. Words are like those who use them, they acquire new breadth and significance. The currency of the thought is like the coin of the realm. It becomes polished through usage in the marketplace. Sometimes it is a difficult thing to determine the value of a coin which has passed through many hands. And the same thing holds true with words.” - W. Carl Ketcherside, The Twisted Scriptures (Cincinnati, OH: Standard Publishing Company, 1976; reprint, Round Rock, TX: Cecil Hook, 2005) pp. 18-19.

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