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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Rutherford, Pius XI

January rutherd.jpg6, 1917. "Judge" Joseph Franklin Rutherford succeeds Charles Taze Russell as head of the Watchtower Tract Society ("Jehovah's Witnesses"). Source: Donald L. Platt, Counterfeit? (Manila: OMF Literature Inc., 1981; reprint 2001), p. 74. Click here for more articles on this sect.pius_xi.jpg


January 6, 1928. Pope Pius XI issues Encyclical called "Mortalium Animos." Among other ideas, "It restates the Roman doctrine of the Church as a perfect, visible society, gathered under one head, infallible in its teaching, and having the divine promises of perpetual duration." [Source: Georges A. Barrois, "Mortalium Animos" in Lefferts A. Loetcsher, ed., Twentieth Century Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1955), p. 756.]

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