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Friday, January 11, 2008

The Ultimate of All Cages

" is not enough to teagle.jpgake away external restraint in order to free a man. The external restraints are mere challenges to the strength from within him -- which is the true stuff of his freedom. Lacking the stuff of freedom, no amount of elimination of external human restraints would help. It is not the cage but the bird's inability to break open the cage that keeps the bird a prisoner. All right, the cage can be torn down, and it must be torn down if it must as soe cages are unnecessary, even unjust. But the true freedom of the bird is in its capacity to fly after the cage is gone. If it does not have the power to fly when the cage is gone, its own weakness is its own built-in cage -- the ultimate of all cages." - Florentino H. Hornedo, "The Philosophy of Freedom," Saint Louis University Research Journal 3 1972): 478.

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