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Monday, February 18, 2008

Faith and Suffering

Perhaps the greatest test of faith for the Christian today is to believe that God is good. There is much in our lives and culture that, taken in isolation, suggests the know-why.jpgcontrary. Helmut Thielecke points out that a fabric viewed through a magnifying glass is clear in the middle and blurred at the edges. Because of what we see in the middle, we know for certain the edges are clear. Life, he says, is like viewing a fabric.

Around the many edges of our lives, much is blurred, many events and circumstances we do not understand. But they can be interpreted rightly by the clarity we see in the center -- the cross of Christ...

At times it is our reaction to suffering, rather than the suffering itself, that determines whether the experience is one of blessing or of blight. The same sun melts the butter and hardens the clay.

- Paul E. Little, Know Why You Believe: Connecting Faith and Reason (Manila: OMF Literature Inc., 2003), pp. 121-122.

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