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Friday, February 15, 2008

Tragedy @ University of Baguio

Baguio City's celebration of the Valentine season and gay preparation for the big day of its flower festival is now marred by another tragedy -- the University of Baguio's wooden high school building, which also houses the historic Dap-ayan Hall, was razed to the ground just after lunch today. The fire also gutted some sections of the AMS building.

My wife who teaches Psychology at UB was at the building adjacent to the high school area at the time. She has just finished encoding the grades of her students when the fire broke out. She was informed later after she got out of the campus that the fire started at the high school building.

I am not privy to any other details relative to the fire, but there is no question that the damage costs millions and the loss is more than just material.

Let's offer our prayers for the UB family, the Bautistas and the other folks who have been adversely affected by this tragedy. Let's pray that they will be blessed somehow as they strive to build something new and something greater on the ashes of life's vicissitudes.


Jay said...
the aftermath

maya said...

the past days of this week had been cloudy and gloomy. it's so ironic that the sun came out today, but the blue skies was darkened by inauspicious smoke from the fire...

yajude said...

I just hope no one got sad to hear this. I met one of the Bautista's before. God bless them!

scott saboy said...

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in the blaze. I talked to Dr. Teresita de Guzman, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, just this afternoon and she informed me that it was a good thing that most of the students at the time were in the gym engaged in a dialogue re: tuition fee increase with the school officials, so very few were left in the FB and AMS buildings. She also confirmed that two Saturdays before that, high school students successively had special classes in the now razed building. Providentially, there were no special classes last Saturday; otherwise, many would have been hurt. Dean de Guzman was the first one to warn of the conflagration to those in the gym. Although shaken by the tragedy, she has kept her composure and under her direction, classes will be back to normal (as "normal" as the circumstances will allow, of course) in the next few days. I was also informed that in the meantime, some high school classes will be held at the the College of Criminal Justice Education (CCJE) building.

The UB Family needs all the prayers and encouragements we can offer.