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Friday, March 14, 2008

"The Jesus + Theology"

lucado.jpgJesus + evangelism: How many people have you led to Christ this year? Or:

Jesus + contribution: Are you giving all you can to the church? Or:

Jesus + mysticism: You do offer penance and pray to the Virgin Mary, don't you? Or:

Jesus + heritage: Were you raised in "the church"? Or:

Jesus + doctrine: When you were baptized, was the water running or still? Deep or shallow? Hot or cold?

Legalism. The theology of "Jesus +." Legalists don't dismiss Christ. They trust Christ a lot. But they don't trust in Christ alone.

- Max Lucado, It's Not About Me (Brentwood, TN: Integrity Publishers, Inc., 2004; reprint Mandaluyong, MM: OMF Literature Inc., 2005), p.114.

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