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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Life of Metamorpha

The fundamentalists and most evangelicals focus on the Word, hint at community, and are virtually silent on the Spirit. Charismatic churches focus on the Spirit but often lose out on the Bible. "Liberal" movements have designed their mission around community but have relegated the Bible and the Spirit to a back burner. In our call for the universal church to be of one mind, we have been anything but, pointing fingers at each other because of the misuse of Scriptures, the absence of the Spirit, or a lack of mercy.

The life of metamorpha starts with an understanding that the Christian life is developmental and progressive -- a life with a person and not a life committed to a system. From there, this life understands that Jesus is about redeeming, and redemption means much more than we do on Sunday mornings. It is a journey of belief transformation. Our call is for new sight, that the old may go and the new may come to life. 43

- Strobel, Kyle. 2007. Metamorpha: Jesus as a Way of Life. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.


spellspy said...

To be a struggling C' be a surviving one ...well, it has never been easy, never even for the 'doubting Thomas'.

scott saboy said...

... and never even for the feisty "rock," Bar-Jonah. how much more for a grain of sand like me? bless your heart, fellow struggler in the faith! :)