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Friday, March 28, 2008

Re: Balbalasang

Just in case someone out there like Mr. Long Henson needs more information about our "little paradise" Balbalasang, may I refer her/him to the following links for photos, satellite/site maps, etc.:

The SPMSAA site is maintained by Romy Tangbawan, a native of Balbalasang who currently serves as an editor to the Jeddah-based ArabNews. A dear friend, he is one of the several persons I know who is genuinely passionate about the preservation and development of the Balbalasang National Park. If you're wondering how you can help save, maintain or develop one of the few remaining forest stands in the Philippines, you may write him @

But wait, there's more! <lol> Balbalan Mayor "Sonny" Mangaoang informed me last night via sms that should any visiting local or foreign tourist wish to get in touch with a focal person on tourism from the LGU of Balbalan, Reggie Wacas will be available. Reggie's email address and contact number are, +639295127324.

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