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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Special Summer Classes @ UPB

University of the Philippines Baguio is offering the following summer courses on Arts and Film, Performance Arts, and Language Teaching:

14-18 April

For Kids & Teens: Drawing and Cartooning, Digital Photography and Imaging, Portraiture, Creative Writing for Children, Children's Theater, Kiddie Broadcasting, Street Dance, Community Theater

For Teachers: Language Research for Teachers, Teaching Creative Writing, Theater as Pedagogy

21-25 April

For Kids & Teens: Acrylic Painting, Paper Arts, Short Film Making, Voice Technique & Song Interpretation, Batang Sining

For Teachers: Approaches to Language Studies, Comparative English and Korean Syntax

For more details, visit the UPB website or click the following links:




charlene bosleng said...

do you have korean language classes for starters this april 2010?

scott saboy said...

sorry charlene, we don't offer it. what we offer during regular sems are Spanish and French (Basic and Advanced).