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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Francesca and Igorots

Is he an igorot, thats why he doesnt understand the importance of paper works and time?!!!

....I started to guess, baka nga Igorot eto? I dont have any goat or hen to pay him, if he doesnt want money haha.

These misguided, unnecessary lines were posted by a Filipina in France named Francesca who is married to a Frenchman. As can be expected, she got a telling off from other Filipinos and even non-Filipinos for such an ethnic slur on Igorots (see all comments here). I first got to know of this while going over some posts in a fellow Igorot's blogsite.

I say the responses she got for her posts should be enough to teach her a lesson on human relations and communication. I hope that in her future posts, she will be more prudent in her use of language to vent out her sentiments.

On the other hand, the rest of us have valuable lessons to learn from this as well. For one, another person's error reminds us of our own imperfections and of the need for us to be open to chastisement and correction. And in blogosphere, a person who is not willing to put away her/his blinders or the log in his/her eye is not fit to put up a blog.

Two, you can circle the globe without ever widening your circle of sensibility. Travel is supposed to broaden our perspective on the various facets of life like cultural diversity. But it can only have such an effect on us if we let our minds transcend the physical limits of our cranial capacity.

Finally, when the fires of prejudice threaten our sense of community, it is not our ability to create and throw torches that counts, but our ability to quickly douse the flames that does.

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Some of you may be laughing heartily after reading through all the responses to Francesca's posts. Let's add to the fun by learning a few French words the Filipino way (got this from a forwarded message ages ago):

  • Alms -LE MOUSSE

  • Bald -CAL VOU

  • Band -COM VOU

  • Behind - LE COULD

  • Caught in the Act - NA VOU COU

  • City -CE VOU

  • Confused - LE TOU

  • Did not take a bath - LE BAG

  • Disappear - LE PAD

  • Drugs -SHA VOU

  • Five - LE MA

  • Feathers -VA LA E VOU

  • Goodbye -VA VOU

  • Liter - LE TRUE

  • Sink -LA VA VOU

  • Turn - LE COUP

  • Unclear -MA LA VOU

Good day, kayet!


Gads said...

inyahngay padli. well said enough and mademoiselle francesca has had more than a lesson if she took this experience as a good lesson for her. well said piece with regards to this matter. i hope the reactions to her prejudices will teach her well enough to edit her blogs properly before posting them on the net. just dropping by monsieur popoy

scott saboy said...

salut mon cher ami! mayat met anya ta makapainspire met gayam isuna aya -- nakalkal ko tuloy dagijay sumagmamano nga french words nga inseksek ko idi ijay closet ko mwehehe... isunga in fairness to her "merci mlle francesca!" kunata met ah.:> there are other francescas out there for sure, and i hope they won't have to take flak first before they get a better grip of today's multicultural reality. hey, it's really good to hear from you again. thanks Gads :):):)

dina said...

Respect CARABAOS -- without them, people (igorot, ilocano tagalog; pati kaya french? don't know) will starve....God bless na lang to "Frenchized" Francesca.....but she's happy a lot of people are commenting on her blog; she's as "famous" as BIN LADEN....haaayy i hope she will be blessed much so she'll think "why am i doing this to others while i'm blessed...." matagotago nan IGOROT...They have been deprived of education before but they learned nonetheless....their ingenuity helped them to be as strong as the mountains that surround them...

lemar said...

francesca is an IGNORANT FOOL!

scott saboy said...

ay agpayso, made more so by her sustained and flippant refusal to admit and rectify her error. but no matter, she will have her turning point in life sooner or later... :) cheers!

fayeng said...

TO francesca of Bacolod:

Isn't it that it's the Bacolodians not the Igorots who don't understand paper works and time? Hoyyy Francesca kahit papaano kaming mga igorot ay mas marunong pang umintindi. kahit papaano nakantuntong lahat ng mga igorot sa paaralan.

To tell u frankly... we igorots have the amenities that we bought with our own money, unlike some others who buy something at the expense of borrowing money from someone even at 20% interest as long as they can buy that thing. Ikaw ang tinatawag na INLALAMAN AY TAKHO...

Nakapunta lang ng abroad e akala mo cno ka na... Don't ever again discriminate us IGOROTS.... Shame on you Francesca of Bacolod.

scott saboy said...

halu etad, there is no question that francesca has made a fool of herself. reminder lang sa atin, we have the right to protest against this kind of ethnic slur, but let us not fall into the same trap where she allowed herself to fall into -- stereotyping and hasty generalization. i would like to believe that francesca is not representative of all bacolodians. i got good friends from bacolod one of whom is argie amador who continues to teach english in china, and i can tell you he is one of the finest friends i've ever had. thanks for the visit, gayyem. let's keep in touch! layad kayet! :)

Amy / Francesca said...

Please stop writing about me. Thank you.

Kristine said...

I am an Igorot, also married to a Frenchman (my age, by the way), and also living in France. Unlike this woman, I'm not a katulong and never have been. Not that I have anything against katulongs. In fact, we employ a lovely Filipina cleaner whose help we appreciate. I have two degrees, completed in the UK. I am an Igorot, and proud of it. People who belittle others do so out of ignorance. They're usually the uneducated ones, just like in this case. My blog which is new:

scott saboy said...

Good day Kristine, it feels good to know about another fellow Igorot out there! will link your site to mine. à ta santé!

Kristine said...

ew. I wrote that one just above? lol... why can't I edit?