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Friday, May 9, 2008

"If Gas Prices Continue to Rise"

Money-saving strategies (forwarded by Anthony Herron):


Martin Apopot said...

If gas prices continue to rise, then maybe it's time for some of you too to consider learning to fly a hang glider. It's a sport that MAYBE some can use as a form of transportation in the future. It's also a sport that is very fulfilling and eco-friendly. No gas and no pollution. It's the cheapest way of flying. I know it's not popular there in the Philippines, but there are some Pinoy hang glider pilots here in the US and European countries that might go home for good and introduce hang gliding in the very near future.

scott saboy said...

I am sure there are places in the Cordilleran highlands for hang gliding enthusiasts. I look forward to seeing manong Martin and others popularize this air sport in the near future. Perhaps hang gliding can help acrophobics like me to finally conquer our fears hah!

Alvin said...

I am really interested in learning hang gliding. Maybe some of you can hook me up with some filipino hang gliding pilot here in L.A. Calif.

Really looking forward to flying.

scott saboy said...

Alvin, manong Martin Apopot tried to respond to your query but there seems to be a problem with your email. Anways, he suggests you go to for the info you need.