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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ji Ho & Korean Politics

I had no idea there was something more to Ji Ho's mind than the frivolity of a Korean rich kid I often catch dozing off in my 9am class. Surely, this sleephyhead can't be interested in something as serious as politics, I thought.

But I was wrong. I misjudged this boy who, in one of our discussions in my World History class, turned out to be well-informed about South Korean politics. Consulting his electronic dictionary from time to time, he struggled to put in his two cents on what is wrong about their incumbent President Lee Myung-bak and his government.

Ji Ho said he wanted Lee Myung-bak impeached for now reneging on his promise early into his Presidency to keep his people from the havoc of Mad Cow Disease by not allowing the importation of meat from 30 months old cows. Lee's term, he added, saw the outrageous rise of hourly internet rates from 1,000 Won ( PhP 40) to 12,500 Won (PhP 500). He also could not accept that Lee "cheapened" himself by driving a golf car with George Bush as his passenger in his visit to Camp David, and bowing to Emperor Akihito in his recent visit to Japan.

Finally, this rangy highschooler told me of an ancient prophecy which warned Koreans that the moment one of the four gates of Seoul Korea is razed to the ground, the Korean nation will start to disintegrate. Now, he explained, it so happened that Lee's rise to power coincided with the burning of Seoul's 600-year old gate or Namdaemun ("Great South Gate") by a presumably deranged fellow. Ergo, Lee is the prophesied jinx.

Well, I could have shared with him my take on all of these issues but I decided to keep mum about it for I was just so elated to realize that it was unfair for me to have automatically equated his drowsiness in my class to apathy towards the larger issues of life.

I still hope he diligently reads his textbooks though.:>

4 comments: said...

ayapu dana koryanu ay masmasuyop yan klase sir! mayat da ay batuwon hahahaha!!
challenge actually dana ay tagu yan klasrum nim dana mit dad pasaway ad igaw da ngamin siya ay naipattu da sina igaw takay, hahahaha!

scott saboy said...

isu ngarud. ngem maid makwa tay jatako mit gamin jit kaaanusan siton lubong hehe said...

wen manong ko nga mestro! kusto na kanam! dataku un kaanusan siton lufong! grabe, they look down on us but we still accommodate them... arrogance and discrimination!

di bale, uray ket adi da man-am-amos unay, angdud da lyun, hahahaha!

sensya sir, maas-asarak gamin jay dadduma nga koryanu nga students ko ya..

scott saboy said...

hehehe. adda jay maysa nga estudyantek idi mangisursuroak pay laeng iti maysa nga Korean school adda pagkabastos na, binugkabugwak a; jay maysa met nga siga ket binugkabugkawak a ken pinapanaw ko ijay room. Apay sino da koma kunak a. Kunak nu sitaen nak jay Koreano nga boss ko saan met, ta mabain kanu. Dinanog danog na jay siga hekhek. Nu maminsan, kasapulan nga matapistapis dagiti dadduma nga Korean students babaen iti nagagasang nga sarita ket. anyways, anus lattan a kabsat tay kanan ja ngarud, maid makwa nu adjina manwork kan djajin ujum dji suyag wenno ongot :)