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Friday, May 16, 2008

Luis Taruc's Surrender

17 May 1954. Luis Mangalus* Taruc, the noted commander-in-chief of the HUKBALAHAP (Hukbong Bayan Laban sa Mga Hapon - People's Army Against the Japanese), surrenders to President Ramon Magsaysay after a four-month negotiation with Benigno Aquino Jr. who served as Magsaysay's representative. Taruc, along with Casto Alejandrino and other revolutionaries, organized the Hukbalahap on 29 March 1942. After the Japanese occupation, Taruc waged war against the US-backed Manuel Roxas government. Until his death on 04 May 2005, he remained committed to pro-poor reforms in Philippine society.

Source/Recommended Reading: Alfredo S. Saulo, Communism in the Philippines: An Introduction (Manila: ADMU Press, 1990), pp. 32, 128-141.

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* NOT "Poblete" as earlier posted. Thanks to Cristina Taruc for the correction. :)



Linda Villamor said...

I am writing a novel and need to talk to some people who worked closely with Luis Taruc and his movement - and remember day-today details of their work in the rural areas.

Linda Villamor

scott saboy said...

Hi Linda,

I'm delighted to know that you are working on a worthy contribution to Philippine Literature. I wish you all the best in your project!

I remember Jun Malig writing an article about Luis Taruc's demise. I suggest you write him @ Try reaching him through his office tel. no. (045) 8600517, 9616741

Ernie Turla said...

Hello Linda,

If you're writing a novel about Luis Taruc, you may want to read his own book entitled "Born of the People". Accounts on how he organized the Huk movement are given there in detail, as well as his personal experiences during the war as a guerilla fighter.
You may want to contact Mr. Andro Camiling as regards where you would be able to access the book.

Ernie Turla

scott saboy said...

thank you sir ernie for the tip. will email your comment to linda to make sure she gets it pronto. :)

CRISTINA said...

I am the grandaughter of Luis Taruc, his only Child is Dr. Romeo Taruc.
I am in the process of creating his website and writing his book. YOu may email me at if you have any questions....
Also Mr. Saulo, my grandfather took me with him once and I got the honor of meeting you. All the best and regards,

Cristina Taruc

scott saboy said...

Thanks Cristina. I'm sure Linda would be delighted to get in touch with you. Cheers!

Maricar Taino said...

I attempted to write to Jun Malig but the e-mail seems incorrect. Please advice. I thank you.

berrit brewer said...

hi christina,
I had the privilige of meeting your grandfather, whom I had admired so long. I came from Denmark and studied at the UP Clarck. Your father was our phycisian and he brought your grandfather to my house in Balibago. He was, as I had expected, a gentle, wise and very unassuming man. I still cherish this memory of our meeting.
best regards
berrit brewer