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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Guanghui Suiyue (Beyond): Tribute to Nelson Mandela

I'm a big fan of Nelson Mandela whose country celebrated its independence day yesterday. I have admired him for his nerve of steel tempered in the furnace of a strife-torn land, as well as for his even-handed treatment of the issue on apartheid/racial segregation. Just as the world will not forget Gandhi's Satyagraha ("truth-power"), it will always remember Mandela's Ubunti ("fraternity"). More about Mandela @ mandela foundation &

Wong Ka Kui, one of my favorite Asian singers, had paid tribute to this "Mahatma Gandhi of South Africa" with a poignant song entitled, Guanghui Suiyue ("Glorious Days"/"Days of Glory" - click here for the text). This iconic lead vocalist of the Hong Kong band Beyond died at 32 in a freak accident in Japan. In this song, he soulfully tells of Mandela's struggles in his bid to help set his people free from the claws of prejudice and hatred.

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