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Sunday, June 8, 2008



Gawked at in St. Louis,

Hailed in Bataan.

Begged at Botanical Garden,

Feasted in Congress.

Scarred in Batong Buhay and Lepanto,

Soothed in Banaue and Sagada.

Hoped for autonomy,

Fought over titles.

Voiced out my ideology,

Splintered by its mortars.

Prided in my ancestry,

Haunted by its ghost.

- smsaboy, 0508

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florence said...


this is a very good poem. Is this your own composition?
Thank you...

scott saboy said...

thanks florence. yup, my poem. :)

BlAcK_aNgEl-->>{sUn} said...

Hi...GuYz.....R U AlL FrM "SAGADA"...Or U r HaLf??
But It dOnT MaTtEr BuT AtLeAsT u LoVed ViSiTiNg SaGaDA As AN OfFiCiAl ToUrIsT SpOt..ThnX U r AlWaYs WeLcOmEd If U WaNnA Go AnD SeE WhT Is ThE SeCrEt Of ThiS PlAce Is CoOl AnD ReFrEsHINg ThErE......
MAyBe U CaN SeE ApPlE TrEeS ThErE ToO..On ThEiR OwN bAcKyArD...""UMALI KAYO"" uMoY KAyO Is-Na......EnJoY MuAhH....GoD BlEsS ToO AlL..

FuLlY LoVeD,,,

scott saboy said...

salamat ta nenbisita ka, etad. no sak-en nan damagem, yfontok nan inak, ikalinga pay nan amak. mamimiss ko met nan sagada ya. barbareng waday to tsansa ay maipasyarko nan pamilyak sidi... gawis ay agew mo!

layad kayet,