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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Requiem for a (Pine) "Tree"

Published in The Baguio We Know (Manila: Anvil Publishing, 2009)


mitchiiiii said...

Baguio is not a place for squatters and selfish city Government, we have the land use plan and no one should change that , what happenning now is as long as Baguio generate taxes, they will use the land... People in the Government should see Palawan, Davao and other Environmental protected cities, for them to know the garbage and decay they create in the city. palibhasa puro sila batas at salita s tv at radio wala namang emplimentation...They are not yet totally decided sa program nila kasi wala nmang action! makunsensya nmn sana sila kasi my mga susunod pang henerasyon..

scott saboy said...

thanks for posting your comment kapatid. i was one of those who were let down when we did not see any city official at the baguio centennial conference (except for konsehala tabanda and former konsehal tenefrancia who showed up during the opening ceremonies, and apo alabanza of the baguio centennial commission who stayed with us throughout the two-day affair. our city officials as well as people from the various regional line agencies (mam pura molintas dropped by on the second day) missed out on the opportunity to interact with some of our scholars many of whom offered practical, doable suggestions to help the city rise from the muck it has gotten stuck in. they could have at least sent their reps. in his message read out by his rep, apo domogan requested for a copy of the papers. i hope he and our other officials will really find time to read them. pero hindi lang yun e, yung rare opportunity to interact with some of our academicians during the conference itself ang kanilang nakita sana para pag binasa nila ang mga papers in print, at least alam nila ang konteksto. hay, sana nga makonsensiya ang ilan sa mga opisyales natin sa mga kalokohan nila, lalo na yung ilan sa mga nagbibigay ng mga prangkisa -- sabi ng ilang mga taxi drivers na nakausap ko, me 3000 taxis na raw tayo na me legal na prangkisa, at me mga ganun din daw bilang ng mga kolorum. :)