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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So Hayskuuul!!!

So hayskuuul !!!

This is the newest expression I learned from the freshies in one of my Communication 1 classes. And it seemed to have delighted some of them that an oldie like me (actually, only about 15 years separate me from my students) could catch on pretty quick by mimicking their expression twice or thrice in our 90-minute class, especially when I asked them to exchange papers during their SVA diagnostic test.

My students' transition from high school to college somehow parallels my career transition from tutoring high school-level English learners at a Korean school to university teaching once again. I originally intended to teach a year more in the ESL school of my boss-friend Sin Hung Ju, but this rare opportunity to advance my professional development by teaching at a constituent university of the country's premiere educational institution is just too rare and great a challenge to wave off. UP Baguio for me offers an ideal environment for personal growth, intellectual exercise, academic training, and community service.

Hopefully, my teaching competence won't be rated as "so hayskul." :)


Raya (your student) =) said...

Hello sir! Napadaan lang po...Nice blog sir! ^_^

rio said...

nice one sir!!!

aldrin said...

hello sir! great blog sir!


i love the terms you used,.,it's not soo hayskuuull,.,hahaha.,.