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Sunday, June 1, 2008


SEC Registration # CN 2009 31845


  A community of ethnically rooted, culturally relevant, socially engaged, and globally competitive young Kalinga professionals.


 Provide a venue for intellectual discussions, career advancement, social activities, and community service primarily geared towards addressing pressing issues or concerns of the Kalinga.

Create a network of diasporic young Kalinga professionals aimed at highlighting the positive contributions of Kalingas to their respective workplaces and neighborhoods.


Knowledge is the basis of action. It is meant to be probed and shared, not deified and hoarded. It must be used to promote individual and collective welfare.
 Accountability is our watchword in our transactions. We shall manage our resources responsibly and shall not exploit group trust for personal profit.
 Leadership is a collegial affair. We adhere to a flat organizational structure. We seek to be proactive and to empower our members regardless of gender or social status.
 Indigeneity is at the core of our identity. We strive to remain grounded in our indigenous roots even within the jungles of an urban space. We exist to help preserve and enrich Kalinga indigenous knowledge, systems and practices.
 Non-partisanship is our policy in our programs and projects. We exist not to advance an exclusivist political or religious ideology. We shall actively take part in community affairs, but shall not be beholden to any politician, preacher or pundit.
 Goodwill is what we offer to the community at large. We value reconciliation over revenge, cooperation over competition. We declare that everywhere is a matagoan zone – a sphere of life, peace, justice, and freedom.
 Ambition drives our movement. We are agents of change and development in society. We will keep the balance between self-­respect and vainglory, idealism and realism.

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