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Sunday, July 20, 2008

And the Last Sentinel Fell

the brown expanse opened into an eternal stretch. swirling sheets of coarse, hot sand and dust endlessly block the searing rays of the red star. most of the time the eye finds its uselessness. yonder, a towering, parched and grainy mountain casts a gloomy patch of shadow over the restless plain beside it. at its foot curls a rotting tree stump trying to ward off the brown particles that endlessly blanket it.

far down, the wasteland dropped into an eerie yet grand canyon that wove roughly and nauseatingly over an unimaginable length. most of its walls are a polished gold and bay, whose grandeur is somewhat marred by huge, sharp rocks hanging erratically from the cavernous parts of the canyon like the jagged teeth of an apocalyptic beast. even the red star dreads to disturb their strange silence. along the gorge’s cold, dark depths, one could hear booming wails as if the restless creatures of tartarus crawl beneath.

whrumm! the land violently shook with terror as great unseen feet stamped on both sides of the canyon. instantly, the deep gorge was a goner. in a few moments there was silence… death.

back up, brown clouds continue to swirl and the red star still scorns at the turbulence below it – but the mountain, the tree stump… are nowhere to be found. all that stands out is the vastness of the brown, barren waste…

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