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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"To be human is to be free..."

The future is the same for all of us. Nothing keeps one form for long: mountains crumble to become plains and valleys, lakes become reedy marshes. The great ice floes melt, and rivers rise to forested valleys. We are men and women for a time before we rejoin the blown sands of creation. Only once can we know the world as well as live in it. Only once do we move at our own command. That is why to be human is to be free.

- from "Give It Back to the Indians," by Bill Messenger [note: I am writing this from memory, so it may not be the exact quote; i am also relying on my often unreliable memory for the title and author of this short story, since i can no longer find the anthology where i first read the narrative. corrections are welcome. thanks!] :)

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