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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Business Signs/Names/Ads - Pinoy Style

This forwarded email made my day. I added some notes for our non-Filipino readers. Corrections are welcome... :)


Filipinos are funny and creative when it comes to business signs and posters. Here are some examples:

* A parlor in San Juan is named 'Cut & Face'
* A wholesaler of balut in Sto.Tomas, Batangas: ' Starduck '
* A fastfood eatery in Nueva Ecija: 'Violybee'
* A small internet cafe opened among squatters named itself, 'Cafe Pindot' [Note: Pindot is a Filipino term meaning "to push a button, press a key (of a computer keyboard)," etc.]
* In Manila, there's a laundry outlet named, 'Summa Cum Laundry'
* A petshop in Kamuning: 'Pakita Mo Pet Mo' [Note: Lit., "show me your pet"]
* A Bakery: 'Bread Pit'
* A bank in Alabang: 'Alabank'
* A noodle restaurant in Pampanga named, 'Mekeni Rogers' [Note: Mekeni is Kapampangan (language spoken by those who hail from the province of Pampanga) for "come," used in say, invitations for meals.]
* There's a restaurant in Pasig named 'Johnny's Fried Chicken: The 'Fried' of Marikina
* A tombstone maker in Antipolo: 'Lito Lapida' [Note: Lito Lapid is a famous Filipino action star-turned-politician]
* There's a copy center in Sikatuna Village called, 'Pakopya ni Edgar' [Note: Parokya ni Edgar is the name of a popular local band]
* There's a beerhouse in Cavite called, 'Chickpoint'
* A laundromat in our neighborhood at Sikatuna: 'Star Wash : Attack of the Clothes'
* There's an internet cafe in Taguig named, 'n@kopi@' [Note: Nakopia is a Filipino term for "copied or imitated," a play on a better known internet cafe called 'Netopia']
* Name of a kambingan, 'Sa Goat Kita' [Note: Kambingan is an eatery where goat meat is primarily served; 'Sagot Kita' is a common Filipino expression which can mean "my treat"]
* A salon somewhere, 'Curl Up And Dye'
* A lugawan in Sta. Maria, Bulacan: 'Gee Congee' [Note: Lugaw = "porridge"]
* There's a water refilling station in Dapitan named 'Wa-Thirst'
* Along Sucat road, a store selling feeds for chickens: 'Roboco - ck'
* Shoe repair in Marikina: 'Dr. Shoe-Bago' [Note: Bago = "new"]
* Shoe repair store along Commonwealth,'SHOEPERMAN: we will HEEL you, save your SOLE, and even DYE for you'
* A Petshop: 'Petness First'
* Flower shop: ' Susan's Roses' [Note: Susan Roces is the widow of the lamented "Action King of Philippine Cinema," Fernando Poe, Jr.]
* A Taxicab: 'Income Taxi'
* A 2nd hand watch store: '2nd Time Around'
* A squid stall in a wet market: 'Pusit to the Limit'
* A shrimp store: 'Hipon Coming Back'
* A gay lawyer's extension office: 'Nota Republic'
* A ceiling installer: 'Kisame Street'
* A car repair shop: 'Bangga ka 'day!' [Note: Bangga = car crash, fender-bender; 'day = short for Inday, a common reference to a lady/girl househelp; in so-called Philippine 'Vogaybulary,' the word is used by gays as an address to females or to their fellows; this could also be interpreted as a play on the expression (and the title of a song), Bongga (Filipino slang which can mean "ostentatious," "loud," etc.) ka 'Day!]

* An aquatic pet store in Malolos: 'Fish Be With You'
* A beauty salon: 'Saudia Hairlines'
* A bakery in our village: 'Anak Ng Tinapay'
* A resto along Mayon road in Manila : 'May Lisa Eatery'
* A Laundry: 'Wash Your Problem Here'
* This mobile massage business name isn't funny, but their slogan is: 'Asian Mobile Massage Service: Massage only, God is watching'
* Ice cream parlor: 'Dila Lang Ang Katapat' [Note: Lit., "tongue is (it's) only match/equal"]
* Chicharon store: 'Chicha Hut'
* Neighborhood pizza store: 'Pizza Hot'
* A barbershop in Cagayan de Oro: 'Pinoy Big Barber'
* A Resto in Baclaran: 'The Last Supper'
* A goto resto: 'Goto Ko Pa! ' [Not: Goto = a type of porridge; here, the whole expression is used as a sort of baby talk for Gusto ko pa ("I want more")]
* My mom used to ride a bus for work. One day she saw a peanut vendor's cart with a funny name: 'Mani ni Papa' [Note: lit., "Daddy's peanuts"]
* A gym in Malolos: 'Gaymann Fitness Center'
* My brother's party needs business: 'Balloon-Balloonan' [Note: balun-balunan = fowl gizzard]
* A Chinese restaurant in Pasig : 'Lah-Fang'
* A store selling fresh chicken, owned by a woman named Dina: 'Dina Fresh Chicken' [Note: Dina can be read as short for Hindi Na = "not anymore"]
* A bakery in Pateros: 'Trimonay Bakeshop'
* A Hair Salon in Makati : 'Hair We Go Again'


I also note here two barbershops in Naga City and Baguio City with these signages: "Hair Jordan," "Hair Force One."

And at SM Baguio: "Going Straight" (Hair Salon), "Let's Face It" (Facial Center)


carl said...

hahaha! nice compilation. blogger ka met gayam. kaisarsardeng ko laeng iti blogging. hay, kailangah gamin nga iurnos ko pay dagiti masapol nga urnusen.

uray nu kasdiay, see u in class this pm, kabsat.

scott saboy said...

ala sige, irevive monto jay blog mo kabsat -- ipublish mo met dagijay formalist, structuralist etc nga analysis mo kadagiti nadumaduma nga literary pieces :) appear! hehe