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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

PNP Biofuel

In these desperate times, energy-saving breakthroughs are a welcome news -- especially when the news comes from a much ballyhooed institution like the Philippine National Police (PNP) which has long been swamped with charges of corruption, ineptitude, summary executions, and whatever evils their critics could attribute to their muck-splattered image.

This time, it is heartening to learn from news reports that the police force in Makati City had put up a plant for their "biofuel" a 60:40 mix of diesel and used cooking oil (supplied by fastfood outlets) and have already significantly cut down on their fuel expenses. [see GMA News article here]. Our salutes, mamang pulis!!! :)

Let's look forward to a greater success of our country's various and newly set up alternative fuel projects...

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