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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


21 August 1983. Benigno "Ninoy" S. Aquino, Jr. is assassinated upon the orders of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, triggering a national outrage that exploded into the 1986 People Power Revolution thus ending the autocratic regime of Marcos. Republic Act 9256 subsequently declared August 21 as "Ninoy Aquino Day. Former Senate President Jovito Salonga once called him "The Greatest President we never had."

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Video file on his last interview here.

ninoy1.jpgOurs is to keep lighting the beacon light of freedom for those who have lost their way…Ours is to articulate the fervent hopes of a people who have suddenly lost their voices…Ours is to adopt the solid stance of courage in the face of seemingly hopeless odds so that hope, no matter how dim or distant, will never vanish from sight.”

- Benigno Aquino, Jr., quoted in Ben Cal, FVR Through the Years (Quezon City: PACER, 1997), p. 39.


It is said that while in detention, Ninoy came across Charles Wendel Colson's Born Again, a book that reportedly led to his spiritual renewal. I find it intriguing that both of these men found a deeper meaning of faith inside a prison. I can imagine Ninoy being struck first by this Nixon ex-henchman's political life and then by his religious experience.

Were Ninoy alive today, I'm sure he would have devoured other Colson classics, like How Now Shall We Live?, Kingdoms in Conflict & Loving God.*

*Colson, Charles and Nancy Pearcey. How Now Shall We Live? Wheaton, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 1999; Colson Charles. Kingdoms in Conflict. New York: Harper Paperbacks, 1987; Colson, Charles. Loving God: An Inspiring Message and a Challenge to All Christians. Grand Rapids, MI: ZondervanPublishing House, 1996.


carlo said...

sad for ninoy... my mom was an all-out believer.

anyhow, thanks for the pass, kabsat! magagamit nga natin yun sa mga academic researches natin. meron din ako dati ng ebsco, kaso i forgot na.

and by the way, i made a baby blog for the mean time while fixing my orig.

altho, what u see there, leave it there. haha!

tc amigo, see u friday!

scott saboy said...

I do not cease to wonder how our country would have turned out had Ninoy been at the helm...

Welcome bro, kas kuna ngarud ni favorite prof i-democratize tau ti access tau iti info hehe. Mga 2-3 months lang dijay bro, so let's take advantage of it -- save and/or print all you can! :)

go on, turn that baby into an adult in the next few weeks hehe.