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Friday, October 10, 2008

"Letisha Aisha" of Sierra Leone

Don't cry for me Sierra Leone... :)

You can now email me at:

My name is Miss Letisha Aisha from Sierra leone and medical student before the war in my country. I'm interested in knowing you more after seeing your email contact on the Internet and want to relocate to your area for residing and investment of my fund. I want you to know that it is God Almighty that connects people and make out of them whatsoever they desire, and my having to write you in thefirst place regarding this project is from God's own direction as I never knew you before nor have we met in any where before but may God's name be praised for his ways are not like the ways of men, for he is perfect and never misled His loved ones.I know that when God is with one no one can be against him or her, and I know that my having made you the one to carry this cross will bring joy to my soul and to many others out there that will stand to benefit from the foundation when it is established, after the funds must have been claimed and transferred to your nominated bank account . I know youwill be surprise to receive this message from complete stranger from Sierra Leone you have never seen or met or discussed with, but it is agreat pleasure writting and knowing you over here.I know there is no violent and crisis in your country andthat led to my contact with you as I want to reside there. I have contacted you before and no response or reply from you and wondering if you got earlier message I sent to you, please let me know when you receive this message by writting to my email address below.All I need from you is to help us get the total money transfered into your account for investment once we change the beneficiary in your name and favour as the person we authorised and empowered for the clearance . I am going to write to you and explain to you in details once I hear back from you. I NEED YOUR DIRECT PHONE TO ENABLE ME CALL YOU AND DISCUSS WITH YOU AS THIS MESSAGE IS BEYOUND EXCHANGING ONLY EMAIL MESSAGE BECAUSE THE FUND IS THE ONLY HOPE OF MY LIFE AND LIVING AFTER THE DEATH OF MY PARENT IN WAR IN IVORY COAST. Can we talk about it through my e-mail address MY DATA:MY NAME: MISS LETISHA AISHA WILLIE MY AGE: 25 YERARS MY OCCUPATION: MEDICAL STUDENT BEFORE THE WAR STARTED AND IN LEVEL 2 MARITAL STATUS: SINGLE AND NO BABY YET NATIONALITY: SIERRA LEONE MY FATHER'S DATA: HIS NAME: MR. EZEH WILLIAM WILLIEOCCUPATION: EXPORTER OF GOLD DURST AND HE DEPOSITED LARGE QUANTITY OF GOLD DUST FOR ME IN THE FINANCIAL INSTITUTION HERE WHICH WORTH 600KILO AND WE WILL DISCUSS ON THAT ONCE OUR FUND IS CLEARED AND TRANSFERED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT FOR INVESTMENT AS ARRANGED. AGE BEFORE HIS DEATH : 52 NATIONALITY: SIERRA LEONE I will like to have your private email address to enable me send my photos and data, ID and the deposit document for your perusal.Please make sure you keep this to yourself as this money is the only hope of my life and living and am trusting and confiding in you. The amount deposited for me is valued $9.5million and Gold Dust valued 600 Kilo and please if you know you are capable to help me transfer the fund into your account you reply and call me on phone as this is beyound email writting on theinternet so that we can discuss about my fund and the Gold Durst.I will need your details as enumerated below. You know there are lots of evil doers in the world and I am very careful to avoid falling into the wrong hand over my fund and gold dust.I NEED YOUR TELEPHONE AND MOBILE NUMBERS.I WANT TO KNOW YOUR OCCUPATION OR JOB AND YOUR AGE AND YOUR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.FOR US TO TALK IN MORE DETAILS OVER MY FUND TRANSFER AND CLEARANCE OF THE GOLD FROM THE VAULT WHERE IT WAS DEPOSITED AND FOR ME TO BE 100% SURE YOU CAN HANDLE THIS VENTURE . I WANT YOU TO HELP ME SO THAT THE MONEY WILL BE TRANSFERED INTO YOUR ACCOUNT ONCE I SUBMIT YOUR DETAILS AS THE PERSON I NOMINATE AND EMPOWER TO HELP ME CLEAR AND RECEIVE MY FUND AND MY GOLD.All I need is honesty and trustwothiness and I will email you in details as soon as I hear from you. Miss Letisha Aisha

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