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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Ba Rong Ba Chi" - Hu's Socialist Morality

Bā Róng Bā Chĭ ("8 Honors, 8 Disgraces") is  one of the first songs my Chinese students in Húludǎo taught me. Written by President Hu Jintao himself as part of his platform for governance, it was first publicized during the first quarter of 2006 and set to music in at least three different versions.  One such version was what several schools in Huludao adopted.

This enunciation of what has been styled as "socialist morality" is set in eight (a lucky number in Chinese  numerology) antithetical lines that resemble the parallel arrangement of Hebrew poetry. How lucky it has been in effecting moral reform in a society attempting to do an unprecedented economic and technological leapfrogging amidst a host of man-made and natural disasters is something yet to be accurately quantified.

But as far as we Filipinos are concerned, Hu's eight principles is something worth pondering.  For if the succeeding decades will witness the Chinese doing better in inculcating their version of "dos and don'ts"  than we in living out ours, then we shall have proven that no matter how oxymoronic "Communist Morality" may sound, it may be a more workable solution to some of our woes. A good challenge to "Christian Philippines," don't you think? :)

Bā Róng Bā Chĭ (8 Honors, 8 Disgraces)

Yĭ rè ài zŭ guó wéi róng (love the country);

Yĭ wēi hài zŭo guó wéi chĭ (do it no harm).

Yĭ fú wù rèn mín wéi róng (serve the people);

Yĭ bèi lí rèn mín wéi chĭ (never betray them/do no disservice).

Yĭ cōng shàng kē xúe wéi róng (follow science; knowledge);

Yĭ yū mèi wú zhī wéi chĭ (discard ignorance/superstition).

Yĭ xīn qín láo dòng wéi róng (be diligent);

Yĭ hào yì wù láo wéi chĭ (don’t be indolent).

Yĭ tuán jí hù zhù wéi róng (be united/help each other);

Yĭ zŭn rén lì jĭ wéi chĭ (make no gain at another’s expense).

Yĭ chéng shí shŏu xìn wéi róng (be honest and trustworthy);

Yĭ jìan lì wàng yì wéi chĭ (do not spend ethics for profits).

Yĭ zūn jì shŏu fă wéi róng (be disciplined/be law-abiding);

Yĭ wĕi fă luàn jì wéi chĭ (do not be chaotic/lawless).

Yĭ jiān kŭ fèn dòu wéi róng (live simply, struggle hard);

Yĭ jiāo shē yín yì wéi chĭ (do not wallow in pleasure/luxuries).

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