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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Text While You Drive

"Texting while driving is more dangerous than drink-driving,"

screamed Times Online last month.

Although the statement came as a conclusion to a UK-based research, I don't think we need to come up with any comparative study made on DUI vs texting-related car accidents in the Philippines to be convinced that texting while driving is a risk not worth taking.

But in this acknowledged "text-messaging center of the world" where many drivers  love to show off (or, as we say it here, "make pasikat") their nimble thumb skills to their passengers and fellow drivers, statistics is something to shrug off -- well, until they get into a fender-bender or wheeled into an ER.


On a less serious note, those who can't help talking on their cellphones while driving should consider buying cheap hands-free phone accessories as some wit who emailed me the following photos suggested:

1 comment:

pascale said...

“Texting while driving is more dangerous than drink-driving,”
It is 100% true.