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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yahoo closing down!?

This is Yahoo President Anna Rubenecia, I am sorry to announce that Yahoo has reached its maximum number of accounts two million. If you would like to keep your account for free send this to everyone on your list. This way we can know which accounts are being used and which accounts we can delete. Send this within 8 days and your account will remain free. Once again I am sincerely sorry that I have to do this. Please start sending. Jay Russell, Yahoo Management kane & korn: WHOEVER DOESN'T SEND THIS MESSAGE YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE DEACTIVATED AND IT WILL COST $10.00 A MONTH TO USE IT! TO

Yeah right -- has this to say about this hoax:

What you got there is nothing but a phishing email. Don't respond to the message or click on the links at all. Doing so will have the phishers to take over your account and quickly change the password, denyig you access to in the process. (Many people lose their Y! accounts becase of this.) Instead, send the message off to the following addresses:
Then turn around and have it spammed straight into oblivion right away. By doing as I instructed, you will have kept your Y! account safe from the phishers' hands.

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