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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Banao Song (1): Owwawi

Starting with this post, I shall be sharing some of the ora/literature of the Banao Tribe of the municipality of Balbalan, Province Kalinga.

The lullaby below is one of my favorite songs, and I have taught it to my two kids.  They often request me to sing it to them when they turn in for the night.

Every time I sing this, I can imagine my father strapping me to his back with a thin blanket and gently bending to and fro while lulling me to sleep with his Owwawi. Hay, how I miss those days! :)

*O-wah, owah, o-wah-wi-iyi-i, owah-wi... (2x)

O-wah, o-wah-wi, o-wah, o-wah, o-wah-wi...

Nasigab man-tagibvi-iyi-i, (Baby-sitting is tough)


Maid suyop no labvi, (You don't get to sleep at night)

o-wah-wi... *

Anosan ta'n bvobvai-i-i...(We women have to bear it)


Siya't kopyan dji bvo-bva-i, (This is what we were made for)


O-way adjo't ligatmi-i-iyi-i, (Tho we endure a lot)


Man-i-goygoy no labvi, (baby-sitting in the night)



[Notation by Anatalia M. Saboy; Time Signature: 2/4]

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