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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Banao Song (2): "Manggayyom"

Time was when the courtship process in the Banao community is made through a go-between and witnessed and blessed by parents of both parties.

This love song calls to mind those days...

(Banao lyrics by Portia S. Banganan, notations by Anatalia M. Saboy)

Time Signature: 2/4

Awad pay djat manggayyom (once there were friends)

Manton-ton-od djan djowa (these two always walked together)

Ma-imis kad djit osa (when one smiled)

Mankidkidyat djit osa (the other winked)

Mankinnidyat djan djowa (they winked at each other)

Sit ma-abvos tulag dja (when their pledge is done)manggayyom1

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