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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Year of Blogging

A year in blogosphere has offered me a way to explore some more my creative self.  It also gave me the privilege of interacting with old friends, making new friends, and perhaps making new enemies (?), and learning from many across the continents. :)

Notwithstanding what Dr. Steve W. Price has to say about blogging --
"Aint Too Proud to Blog!"

"Blogs: A WWW.Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"

"For Bloggers, No Standards Is a Good Standard"

"I Blog, Therefore I Am"

-- I still say, "I luv bloooooggging!!!"  :)


Let me thank all of you who visited this site, especially those who posted their comments.  I hope to improve this site and make it more useful to all interested parties.


I also wish to thank my wife for trying mighty hard to keep up with my passion for reading and writing.  She has never complained when I could not help in housekeeping at those times when I was glued to my books , the computer, or the ceiling.  For this and for many other things, dakul na pasasalamat, agum! :)

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