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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Baguio Centennial Conference

75 academic papers, 27 parallel panels, 2 frenetic days.  All these at the University of the Philippines Baguio (UPB), host to the 6-7 March 2009 Baguio Centennial Conference.

The theme for this historic event is "Patterns of Change: From Colonial Hill Station to Modern Metropolis." Here's the overview and backgrounder  of the affair (lifted from the CSC website):

Established as a chartered city on 1 September 1909, the city of Baguio was developed primarily as a rest and recreation for members of the American colonial bureaucracy in the Philippines. Like the colonial hill stations built in other parts of Asia during the age of Empire, Baguio served as a haven  offering  refuge from tropical heat while also serving as a reminder of the homeland to the Westerners who retreated to this highland resort.  Baguio remained as vacation capital of the Philippines long after the end of the American Regime. Today, it is a metropolis bursting at the seams.

Calling attention to the unhappy state to which the colonial hill stations of Asia had fallen, Robert Reed wrote that without the intervention of tourists and political benefactors, "their future prospects for controlled growth, appropriate and sustainable development, and effective environmental management appeared bleak." The year of the centennial is the most appropriate time to cast another look at Baguio's past, to examine its present state, and to envision its future.

Given its great significance, this gathering is something that all Baguio lovers  (those who love Baguio and those who have found love in Baguio) should not miss! :)

Schedule, Registration Fee, and Travel advisory? Go to the CSC website.


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