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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ted Failon & the Media

The ghastly death of Trinidad Etong, wife of multi-awarded ABS-CBN broadcaster Ted Failon, has unsurprisingly generated a lot of speculations from gossip-mongers in the media down to the sassy vendors at the flea-market . Although Failon had earlier pled for the hospital staff and the media to respect his family's privacy, details surrounding the tragic incident still leaked out to the public a few hours after he had rushed his wife to the hospital.

What must be doubly painful for Failon is that the media industry which sometimes feasts on the misfortunes of people and which he has represented all these years has now trained its floodlights on him, sensationalizing his most painful experience yet mainly by putting it as its top story on a "Showbiz News" program.  But I guess he somehow understands that his fellow Kapamilya and even his neighbors, the Kapuso, are just doing their job and are simply dishing out what most of the viewing public are itching to hear or salivating to see.

May he and his family continue to find comfort and grace in this their time of grief, healing in the years to come.

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