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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Candy Pangilinan's Ethnic Slur

I only learned of comedienne (sorry, comedy person) Candy Pangilinan's "TAO PO AKO, HINDI PO AKO IGOROT" [I am a human being, not an Igorot]  slur after watching ABS-CBN's morning showbizcast today.  The actress was shown tearfully and profusely apologizing to the Igorot community for the insensitive statement  she twice uttered in public.

It was stupid of Candy to say such a thing,  but it was also wise of her to issue an immediate and sincere apology -- says something about the good in her as a performer, a Pinay, and a UPian.  That we all commit mistakes (I myself have said a million-and-one words that hurt a lot of people and I have had to apologize as much) doesn't mean we are less noble; we only become so when we stubbornly refuse to own up to our faults and ungraciously behave when we take the flak.  We need to learn from all these and move on with a renewed commitment to fairness and goodwill and so be closer to the ideal person within.

It would be interesting to compare the reactions of bloggers and other cybernauts to the ethnic slurs of Candy and those of "Francesca in France" who has yet to apologize to Igorots for her haughtiness.  :)

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[See some reactions of Igorots @ Baguio City Online, and read the text of Candy's apology @]


Lacquer said...

One commenter in PEP said that OA when it comes to slurs, well...if that's the case..Filipinos in general are not different. Remmeber the Desperatre Housewuives Issue? Some Filipinos didn't want apology, they were cashing from ABC networks saying that they ought to give scholarships as to show how sorry they were.

Aloha said...

Its because they are not igorot but ignorant. They should learn the different cultures and people of their own country.

scott saboy said...

yup, those who think Igorots are OA re Candy's ethnic slur simply don't understand their history and lack the ability to empathize with some of the marginalized sectors of our society.

egoroots said...

I’m an Igorot and i really don’t give a crap about what candy said. She has already apologized and that’s that. i believe she did not intentionally do it. Nobody is that stupid. Igorots should just accept her apology and get over it; otherwise we are just as low as the joke itself.

If there’s one thing I’d be pissed about, it is the idiot who came up with the joke. Igorot statue or no statue, the joke is pathetic, from lame joke to offensive joke because of one word. Wow, is that the best they can think of? I grew up in Baguio and believe me Igorots are a rich source of jokes. Any Igorot who is offended by what i just said needs to wake up. Every race or ethnicity has something worth making jokes about, from White, Black, Asian, etc.

The Igorot politicians who are making a big deal out of this are just taking advantage of the publicity because it’s an election year.

Nuff said

Aloha said...

Wow! What if i think candy was just makin a name for the igorots?. Hah when that chinese chip said hs statement was just a joke do u think filipinos did not react? Recently Alec baldwin, actor of america jokingly said he wanna marry phil girls and give them many children, why do lot of fils criticize hm, snabi pa ni sen revilla na bugbugin siya pag makita ng personal. Ang tunay na igorot ay lumalaban pag inaapi o dinidscriminate pero marunong ding magpatawad..Well i already forgave candy. Atleast nag apology siya.

Jesse said...

kahit papaano dineclare lang siya ng eprsona nongrata, hindi tinakot na bubugbugin like pa-siga na bong revilla.

Jesse said...

What saddens me more: despite the numerous ethnic discriminations IN the Philippines BY Filipinos, the government seem not even to care about passing anti-discrimination law. While the country we ACCUSE of being racist, strictly uphold the law. You can file a complaint here if you feel being discriminated while in the Philippines, you can only complain but not file a complaint against racists.

It's not that I'm saying that there are no racist in America. In fact, there is. It was even worse in the past. But the most important thing IMO, is that they do something to correct things unlike in the Philippines where it becomes a vicious cycle due to the lack of law.