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Monday, July 27, 2009

A Situationer on Mt. Pulag

Anyone interested in the present state of Mt. Pulag, the Philippine's 2nd highest mountain peak (3rd according to  some mountaineering groups, see, should visit Juancho Calayan's site where he posted several photos documenting the denudation of this forest cover. Follow this link to go to his Multiply account.


igorot said...

Mt. Pulag is the 2nd highest mountain peak in the Philippines, second only to Mt. Apo. Mt. Pulag is the second highest at 2,928 meters (9604 feet)while Mt. Apo is 2,954 meters (9,689 feet). Been there once and it was a lifetime experience. Try it.

scott saboy said...

thanks for the notes kabsat. some argue that Mt. Dulang Dulang of Bukidnon is the 2nd @ 2938 MASL; nevertheless, will edit my original post to accommodate the two views. i have only been to the foot of Pulag so i really long to make the climb in the near future. imbag ka pay ta nakasang at kan ijay :)