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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Baguio We Know Book Launching @ SM Baguio

Today, with the emergence of new, and concededly more titillating, tourist destinations, many will admit that Baguio has "fallen from grace" from its once lofty position as "Summer Capital of the Philippines." However, perhaps more than anything, this collection of works reveals the Baguio that is so much more than the handmaiden to tourism that some may falsely believe is the answer to this city's ultimate salvation.  This collection of works provides a glimpse into that "view from within" of a place forged in consciousness that transcends boundaries of time and space.

♥ from the Introduction

the baguio we know


kcjacinto89 said...

ooops! Sir po pala.

kcjacinto89 said...

Kuya Popoy!

wow! i'm --author struck--!!

Congratulations! wish I could publish my own book someday too...

scott saboy said...

thanks KC. you will, as long as you continue to put your heart into this craft. :) btw, The Baguio We Know is an anthology of creative nonfiction and the next book to be launched (maybe late September or early October) is a collection of poems and short fiction. maganda sana kung malapit ka lang sa Baguio ano para makajoin ka sa amin sa dalawang launching. ingatz ading!