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Monday, August 17, 2009

Insights from a Cabbie

Taxi drivers have a lot of life lessons to share. Take this chatty 70–year old cabbie I was privileged to learn from, for instance.  He drives a brand–new Toyota Vios "sired" by his old Toyota Corolla taxi.  "Three years," he replied when I asked how long he expects to recover his half–million peso investment on his fresh car. His daily net income from his taxi ranges from PhP 500 to PhP 1,500, he explained. And that's just from a 9am to 6pm driving.  His  income from an 8–hour work each day also afforded him to buy his son a van which they often use to fetch from the airport his other children who now live abroad. No wonder the first thing you notice about this old man is his fulfilled look as he smoothly drives up and down the city's hills.

A word of advise, he ventured: "Don't just work hard, work smart."  And before I got off his cab, he reminded me:
Like me, you will have to go through four stages:

First, you have no energy and no money;

Second, you have energy and still no money;

Third, you use your energy to earn money;

Fourth, you have money and no more energy.

And don't you forget that when we were kids we believed in Santa Claus, but when we grew older we didn't believe in him anymore.  Then, in mid–life you learn that you are Santa Claus.  Later in life, you will find out you are beginning to look like Santa Claus himself.

Hmm... He seemed to know exactly what's eating a young passenger struggling to make both ends meet hehe...

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Jack E. bagbaga said...

hmmmm... be smart huh... i guess i've seen a lot of smart drivers in my life.... and i'd say... they're damn real smart weeehehehehhe (sorry i'm thinking of the negative side he he)...