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Monday, August 3, 2009

Must-Read for CoC Folks

"Using instruments of music in worship is a SIN" and "The Church of Christ is THE Lord's Church" are two of the teachings which I used to sell as a preacher for the (Stone-Campbell) Church of Christ.  It took me over a decade to realize the absurdity of these doctrines.  To date, most CoCs in the Philippines still cling on to these  and other sectarian positions imported from America.  It is heartening to note though that more and more members of the CoC in the U.S. itself are veering away from such a parochial view of "sound" doctrine and are critiquing some of the problematic assumptions of a patternistic hermeneutic among the heirs of the so-called "American Restoration Movement" (ARM).

Among the American Bible scholars in the CoC who have embraced a more cross-centered, grace-filled (and I venture to add, post-colonial) ministry are Edward Fudge and Al Maxey.  Although the fast-shrinking ultraconservative wing of the ARM continue to brand them as of the Devil for their "liberal" or "false" teachings,  their writings have found avid fans among the CoCs and other Christian groups worldwide who have seen wisdom in what they have to say.

For members of the CoC who are still hung up on the "One, True Church" mentality, let me recommend Edward's running series on "Death of a Distinctive?" and Al's most recent Reflections, "The Universal One Body."  Also, there's this new enlightening book recommended by Edward, Missing More Than Music: When Disputable Matters Eclipse Worship and Unity by Danny Corbitt which will surely bless especially those in the CoC who have begun to question their "a capella only" tradition.


Au said...

Hi Manong! This must be read by ultra-conservative exclusivist members of denominational churches. Thanks for sharing! God bless.

scott saboy said...

yUP! and lots of our kababayan in the CoC need to wake up to this spiritually debilitating mindset. always happy with the thought that you are blessed to have found in europe CoC people freed from legalism. me comments nga pala si adlai patnaan sa facebook account ko. basahin mo, matutuwa ka lalong lalo na ung patungkol sa pagkamulat niya sa divisions within the so called "one body." :) sana mas marami pang magigising sa mga kapatiran natin sa CoC at iba pang sectarian groups. ingatz lagi ading :)