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Friday, October 23, 2009

Erap and the 2010 Polls

EXTRA! EXTRA! Erap to Run in 2010 Polls!!!



Erap: "This is the last performance of my life."

Great.  Politics is showbiz after all.  The next presidential election is his "last full show" where he, the beleaguered silver screen hero, gets to rise from the ashes of his incinerated foes thus immortalizing his iconic existence in the hearts of his adoring fans. [Background Music:   Charles Tindley's "(I) Shall Overcome"]


The point in Erap's Arthro ad: He could barely run.


Erap and most other presidentiables are experts at generalizations.  They hear the rah–rah–rah siz–bom–bah from their bailiwicks  (or their bootlicking minions), and think it's the whole nation cheering them on.


Some think Erap is the country's last best hope. Ay apo met, agpanunot tay met ah kakabsatNeh, buyaen tay kadi daytoy barbareng adda mapili tayo a natartaraki pay nga artista kas next President op da Shubisripablik hehe:


Martin Apopot said...

Shame. He thinks the Fipino people are that demented. If the comelec does not disqualify him, I don't know what kind of government we have. No kidding, we are in a shubisrepablik because we have allowed it to happen.

scott saboy said...

You're right manong. Sapay koma ta in the 2010 polls, voting Filipinos all over the world will make a truly informed, wise choice. Regards to manang Mary and the kids... :)