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Monday, October 19, 2009

Learning Putonghua @ Hotel Supreme

40 Chinese and non–Chinese individuals took their first Mandarin/Putonghua (pinyin) lessons at Hotel Supreme on 17 October 2009  from 3:00 –5:00 pm. They are expected to continue their language classes over the next seven Saturdays.

Hosted by the Baguio Filipino–Cantonese Association (BFCA) under the leadership of Hotel Supreme manager Peter Ng, the free crash course is into its second batch of learners.  The first batch was offered only to Filipino–Chinese learners, and had 15 enrollees only four of whom eventually finished the course.  CPA–Lawyer Cristeta Leung and Linda Loma-ang are teaching the course.

The first session introduced Chinese numbers and personal pronouns using the inductive approach to language learning in which  the participants were first given a "feel" of the target language and allowed to figure out Mandarin grammar, phonetics and syntax minus the usual standard classroom lecture. To reinforce the learning points for the day, kiddie songs were taught to the learners toward the end of the session.

Session 1 Songs

1. Shige Xiao Pengyou ("10 Little Friends," round song sang to the tune of  "10 Little Indian Boys")

yīge, liăng ge, sānge péngyou

sìge, wŭge, lìuge péngyou

qīge, bāge, jiŭge péngyou

shíge xiăo péngyou

2. Wode Pengyou Zai Nali ("Where is My Friend?"; sang to the tune of  "Where is Thumbman?")

yī, èr, sān, sì, wŭ, liù qī...

wŏde péngyou zài nălĭ?

zài zhèlĭ!

zài nălĭ?

wŏde péngyou zài zhèlĭ!

Learn Putonghua online @ . Get helpful L2 learning tips from Bryan Todd @


jhenny said...

i enjoy very much my stay in in your hotel i love the food and also your facilities.continue to work hard for that hotel i swear many people want to visit your hotel.good job

scott saboy said...

Gud day, Jenny. Am glad to know you enjoyed your stay at the hotel. makakarating po kay Hotel Supreme owner Peter Ng. :)