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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Baguio We Smell

baguio garbage 1

josie 1

josie 2

Baguio old–timers often pine for the pine–scented Baguio they used to know.   It is indeed sad that the Baguio we smell now is a mix of a whiff of pine scent and the lingering stink from mounds of uncollected garbage and the suffocating fart of jeepneys.

But along with all these depressing sights and smells is the often overlooked toil of our street sweepers like manang Josie of Salud Mitra barangay, shown in the photos above.  Manang Josie continues to make the piles of garbage near UBLES look “presentable” even though many residents do not take the time to fix the trash they dump in the area every night. Manang Josie has been in this thankless job for eight years now and says that it is only this year that she has had difficulty keeping streets in her area clean.

The familiar tinkling of bells sounding off from government dump trucks has not been heard in Salud Mitra for weeks now.  And the ticks of our city's garbage "bomb" are getting louder.  When it explodes, everyone will surely get  bowls  of stinking goo for Christmas.

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