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Friday, November 13, 2009

"Young Kalinga Professionals Association" Update

Susunud un yKalinga,

We are pleased to announce that the Young Kalinga Professionals Association (YoungKaPA) is now being formally organized.

This Baguio-based group seeks to institute programs, projects and activities that will help sustain a more visible and positive collective presence of the Kalinga here and abroad. To this end, we shall partner with all individuals and groups who/that are passionate about promoting the finest qualities of the Kalinga culture.

Our final pre-SEC registration meeting is on 22 November 2009, 1.30 p.m., at the Lin-awa Center, C-203 Lopez Building, Session Rd., Baguio City. By yearend, we hope to finally register the Association with the SEC and launch it, along with our website, shortly thereafter.


A community of ethnically rooted, culturally relevant, socially engaged, and globally competitive young Kalinga professionals.


1. To provide a venue for intellectual discussions, career advancement, social activities, and community service primarily geared towards addressing pressing issues of the Kalinga.

2. To create a network of diasporic young Kalinga professionals aimed at highlighting the positive contributions of Kalingas to their respective workplaces and neighborhoods.

Core Values

Knowledge is the basis of action. It is meant to be probed and shared, not deified and hoarded.  It must be used to promote individual and collective welfare.

Accountability is our watchword in our transactions. We shall manage our resources responsibly and shall not exploit group trust for personal profit.

Leadership is a collegial affair. We adhere to a flat organizational structure. We seek to be proactive and to empower our members regardless of gender or social status.

Indigeneity is at the core of our identity.  We strive to remain grounded in our indigenous roots even within the jungles of an urban space. We exist to help preserve and enrich Kalinga indigenous knowledge, systems and practices.

Non-partisanship is our policy in our programs and projects. We exist not to advance an exclusivist political or religious ideology. We shall actively take part in community affairs, but shall not be beholden to any politician, preacher or pundit.

Goodwill is what we offer to the community at large. We value reconciliation over revenge, cooperation over competition. We declare that everywhere is a matagoan zone – a sphere of life, peace, justice, and  freedom.

Ambition drives our movement. We are agents of change and development in society while keeping the balance between self­–respect and vainglory, idealism and realism.

Note: KALINGA is used as an acronym to articulate the need to frame a counter-definition for identity reconstruction.  This is similar to a feminist strategy noted by Marina Warner in her essay, "Monstrous Mothers: Women Over the Top," in which "the metaphorical objects of derision and fear" are taken over and the "well–proven magic [of] uttering a curse in order to undo or claim its power, pronouncing a name in order to command its field of meaning" is summoned.*  Kalinga, an appellation which originally meant "enemy," is an ethnic identity that continues to be misunderstood and misrepresented.  It needs to be exorcised of its historical and cultural demons that have engendered a culture of mistrust, fear and inaction.  There is a gentler side of Kalinga many do not know... :)

* Marina Warner, Six Myths of Our Time: Little Angels, Little Monsters, Beautiful Beasts, and More (New York: Vintage Books, 1994), 15.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How did it all start?

Call it serendipity. A chance meeting and chit-chat at a wake among a few Kalinga young adults  each struggling to firmly re–connect to their ethnic heritage led to an exploratory huddle a few days later at the Lin-awa Center along lower Session Road to discuss the possibility of organizing a formal association of young Kalinga professionals in Baguio and Benguet.  The discussions during the first meeting of six individuals was a bit sketchy, but it heightened the need for instituting programs, projects and activities that would not only address the perceived needs of young Kalinga professionals but also open doors for them to serve the community.

The sketchy agreements took shape after three more meetings which were respectively held at the Lin-awa Center, the University of the Philippines Baguio, and the Cordillera Green Network, Inc. headquarters, with new faces and brilliant ideas being added each time.  Exciting siyempre, what with a collection of enthusiastic people from different professions – we got a  nutritionist, an agriculturist, an anthropologist, a lawyer, a police officer, professors/teachers, writers, researchers, wordsmiths, number crunchers... O-ha, bongga di ba? Of course, we expect the group to be more kulayful in the next few months with a lot more taking interest in what the Association stands for.

What do you mean by “Young Kalinga Professionals”?

Young. “Young” ka if you are not more than 45 years old.  This does not mean, of course, that a member of the Association gets “deactivated” when s/he turns 46; it only means that s/he serves the Association at a different level; sa madaling sabi, pag certified “vintage member” ka na, mas may value ka.

Kalinga. It doesn’t really matter whether you are born a Kalinga or consider yourself a Kalinga “by insertion” and accident. What matters is that you identify yourself with this ethnolinguistic group and  are passionate about the welfare of Kalinga cultural heritage. Basta, nu f na f (feel na feel) mo yKalinga ka, ‘yun na ‘yun.

Professionals. You are in if you are a graduate of a Vocational or Technical course and/or finished a college degree, employed or “in-between jobs.”

What about the KALPRA and other Kalinga Organizations?

We seek to work with the Kalinga Professionals and Residents Association (KALPRA), it being  the de facto umbrella organization of all Kalinga groups in Baguio and Benguet.  We seek to work with all other Kalinga organizations panglallakay man wenno pang-ubbing in and outside the region for some common purpose.

Just another electoral scheme?

Nope. Pramis, there is no connection between the formation of this Association and the coming national and local polls. The timing is mere coincidence. Please refer to “N” of our Core Values.

So, how do I become a member of the Association?

Simple lang kapatid. Text or write us, fill out the membership form (may online version na by December), pay the PhP 500.00 membership fee (one time lang ‘to) and the annual dues (to be pegged later), and support the Association in any way you can. Umaykan!


Gerry F. Oribello said...

hello out there! greetings from the LGU-Balbalan. just keeping in touch...

balway,bernadette said...

hi,,were happy to hear from you sir,,,berna oveh hir,,from tanglag.

scott saboy said...

uy Berna, dandanin big day ti youngkapa/ykalpro/ykpa/youngpro/whatever hehe. it's gonna be an uphill climb for us, but i'm sure we can contribute something significant to our ili and beyond. cheers! :)

ebutbut said...

.... hi there muzta ang baguio,u bernadette balway tinapos m n ba law schoolmo

berna said...

yups,,,go go go,,

berna said...

heey ebut but,,identify yourself naman,,,,,wen finished na po,,,plz join naman the grup,,,huh my gosh u wont regret,,he he..mayka nu sunday 5:30 pm ofcors bibak hall,,induction ti grupo,,,,heres mah number,,kol me....he he kol ha haan nga txt ta "txtblind" mah eyes.

berna said...

ay ay forgot to include mah number,,a he he he..09081017851

caribbean_hunkz said...

hello ms balway i havnt talk to u lately does it worth if i join ur club leave me msg if u read this .. u know where to leave ur msg dont? later

bernadette said...

ei hunk,,jaz red this msg,,wooohh,,april???loooong tym,,archive,,,,of course ur most welcam to join us,,its worth joinin,,,