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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Free Mandarin Lessons @ Hotel Supreme Start Anew

The Baguio Filipino-Cantonese Association (BFCA) resumes its free classes for the third batch of basic Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua) learners on 01 May 2010 from 1:30-3:30 pm at Hotel Supreme.  

The course includes pronunciation/phonetics, numbers, meeting people, general information, and simple sentence construction. This time, Putonghua laoshi (teachers) Atty. Cristeta Leung and Mrs. Erlinda Lam Loma-ang will be assisted by some of the survivors of the first two batches.  

The new assistant teachers are mostly Igorots some of whom took part in this year's Chinese New Year celebration and are gearing up for a special presentation during the Moon Festival this September.  They have, in the past few months, been honing their linguistic skills during Saturday afternoon sessions in the same venue.  Their advanced course in conversational Chinese cover more than 20 lessons on directions, time, mailing, travel, shopping, food and drink, medical care, among others.

For enrollment and inquiries, text or call Atty. Leung at 09175902809 or send emails to


rizalynn said...

i would like to enroll in your class...

scott saboy said...

hi Rizalynn, kindly text Atty. Leung. Or, just go ahead and meet us at Hotel Supreme this Saturday @ 1 pm. Thanks for your taking an interest in Putonghua! Xingqi liu jian (c u Sat)... :)