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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"yJaton ji Umili" Charity Concert Raises 40k

The charity concert  for kidney patient Sheriff Thomas Dannang yielded about PhP 40,000.00which  was promptly turned over by YoungKaPA Vice President Bernadette Balway to Frolaine Dannang, daughter of the beneficiary.

The concert, appropriately titled Y–Jaton Ji Umili (roughly, “a community offering”),  was held on March 06, 2010 at the new site of Le Fondue along Legarda Road. Starting at 7pm and lasting until  the wee hours of the next day, it saw the outpouring of support by over 300 individuals and groups composed of students, folk, rock and country singers, SWAT police officers, local officials, among others.

We the YoungKaPA officers and board of directors wish to thank the following for ensuring the success of the fund–raising activity:


[Note: VIP tickets were sold at PhP 1,000.00 each]

1. Councilor Rocky Thomas Balisong (PhP 5,000.00 for printing of tickets, posters & tarps)

2. Le Fondue Legarda under Ms. Grace Mangune (venue, sound system)

3. BENECO Board of Directors (PhP 12,000.00)

3.1 Dir. Ferdy Bay–asen (PhP 3k)

3.2 Dir. Rocky Aliping (PhP 3k)

3.3 Dir. Benny Bomogao (PhP 1k)

3.4 Dir. Peter Busaing (PhP 1k)

3.5 Dir. Antero Buswilan, Jr. (PhP 1k)

3.6 Dir. Ed Dogui–is (PhP 1k)

3.7 Dir. Gaspar Leung (PhP 1k)

3.8 Dir. Joey Marrero (PhP 1k)

4.Engr. Gilbert Mangliwan (VIP TN 001)

5. Atty. Jose Molintas (VIP TN 002)

6. Dr. Joseph Delson (VIP TN 003)

7. Dr. Cheryl Taclawan (VIP TN 005)

8. Atty. George Dumawing, Jr. (VIP TN (007)

9. Engr. Junebert Gunaden (VIP TN 008)

10. Mr. Philip Guanzo (VIP TN 009)

11. Major Florante Camuyot (VIP TN 010)

12. Atty. Faustino Olowan (VIP TN 015)

13. Mayor Camilo Lammawin (VIP TN 020)

14. Congressman Mauricio Domogan (VIP TN 021,022)

16. Councilor Nicasio Aliping, Jr. (VIP TN 023)

17. Mr. Dwight Bello (VIP TN 024)

18. Atty. Macario Duguiang (VIP TN 026)

19. Vice Mayor Rainier Sarol (VIP TN 027)

20. Professor Ikin Salvador (VIP TN 028)

21. Mrs. Sonia Dao–as (VIP TN 029)

22. Atty. Arthur Herman (VIP TN 035)

23. Engr. Marty Manayos (VIP TN o36)

24. Atty. Richard Kilaan (VIP TN 0)

25. Board Member Eddie Amuasen (20 GA tickets, 1k)

Volunteer Performers/Singers/Bands

Rocky Aliping

Karen & Johannes Amuasen

Baguio- Benguet Country Line Dancers

Arnel Banasan


Blue Graz

Bong Dailo

Lin-awa Center for Culture and the Arts headed by Mrs. Lucia Ruiz
Pe’tune led by Atty. Christopher Donaal


Seldom Seen
Ronny Suarez

Jun Utleg

Volunteers for Security

PCI Reynaldo Pasiwen

SPO3 Julius Basinga

SPO1 Francis Pawe

PO 3 Lester Abag

PO 3 Juliet Basacoy

♥PO 3 Marissa Dirige

PO 3 Alvaro Perez

PO 1 Terencia Sofronio
Volunteer Photographers

Carl Taawan

Glo Abaeo


Anabelle Laron (additional printing of tickets and certificates)

DILG CAR (multimedia projector)

Dr. Elma Donaal & Baguio City National High School (additional chairs)

Dennis Tabbang, Ungsit, Jr., Anno; Tom Dannang, Jr., Paris Dalipog (cooking of food for performers)

And to all others who bought tickets, prepared the venue, offered their cars for “public service,” did the leg work, etc. SALASALAMAT!!!

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