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Sunday, May 9, 2010

My List for the 2010 National Elections

President: Noynoy AQUINO

Vice President: Mar ROXAS

Senators: Nereus ACOSTA, Ana BARAQUEL, Silvestre BELLO III, Rufino BIAZON, Pia CAYETANO, Franklin DRILON, Rey LANGIT, Liza MAZA, Zosimo PAREDES, Miriam Defensor SANTIAGO, Adel TAMANO, Francisco TATAD

Noynoy Aquino is my choice for President not because he is the best among all the presidentiables.  You might agree with me if I say that Gordon, Villanueva and Villar have exemplified outstanding managerial skills more than he has, and Gibo is better–looking and looks smarter than he.

But why Noynoy then?  First, I believe in the ideals of the Liberal Party (LP) which he now leads. Second, my original choice for president was Mar Roxas so when he bowed out of the presidential race and became Ninoy's running mate,  I naturally went for Ninoy.  For I think it would do the country good if the top two political posts in the land be held by those who share the same political ideals.  Second, the legacy of Noynoy's parents still powerfully tugs at the heartstrings of most Filipinos and this could be exploited to unite the country.  Third, I think that among all presidentiables Noynoy has the greatest burden to prove he could help turn the ship of state around toward better shores because of his initial reluctance to run for president, his lack of charisma and unremarkable public service record.

Not much of a set of arguments, you might say but at least I am trying to make sense of my choice for these elective positions.

This doesn't mean, however, that I agree with the fallacy in Noynoy's political ad in which he seems to be saying that he represents the one, true, matuwid (straight) road to peace and prosperity and his rivals the baluktot (crooked) way.  I believe  that even though not all of the presidentiables are fit to lead the country, still they all have great things about them which they could still put to good use for the nation even after the electoral season.

I picked out the senatoriables above not because only they in the list should be given the chance to prove their worth in the Senate.  Had there been more slots, I would have gladly added some more names in my list.  Nevertheless, these 12 represent a wide variety of interest groups from moralists and legalists to feminists and environmentalists. I do have reservations regarding their positions on different issues (I am uncomfortable with Tatad's conservatism, for instance), but hey I don’t have to agree with all that they have to say or like the political parties they belong to to vote for them.  What’s more important is that they can articulate voices from both the margins and the center (center of the center, left of center, or right of center).

But then again, not all the senatoriables are fit for the position.  For some are more competent as movie stars than national legislators.  That's why I will not go for Jinggoy Estrada, Lito Lapid and Bong Revilla (the INC's recommendation notwithstanding).  But if we unfortunately find them making monkeys out of themselves in the Senate weeks from now, mei banfa, ala tayong magagawa, but to say balabadde na tolay, alalakkay vo'amen!

Just the same, I am not under the illusion that were these politicos elected, our country's woes would be over in a jiffy.  For the best thing they could do is to help set the country to the right direction which those who will later fill in their ranks will hopefully push through.

Nor am I entertaining the idea that most of these people could truly empathize with the plight of the rest of us the common tao who wonder how they could splurge barrelsful of money for their campaign ads and gas guzzlers while we continue to scrape the bottom of our tiny, and grimy barrels.  Funny, all of them talk about eradicating poverty while they spend billions of pesos for this electoral exercise  seemingly oblivious of the fact that such a hefty sum could have helped many kababayan to put up a sarisari store or a small kubo they could truly call their own.

But well, we can't do anything much about that, can we?  As they say, anvils bear while hammers strike.

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