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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Of Gods and Politicos

When politicos run for earthly offices, the gods come down from heaven to aid their anointed just as the Olympians of old would glide down from their cloud-capped abode to root for their respective champions’ victory in the human arena.

Apollo Quibolloy talked to his Father in Heaven and was told to root for Gibo; Eduardo Manalo, et al., consulted with God and were given the idea to go for Noynoy; certain Bible believers prayed for discernment and got divided over whether they were advised to vote for Bro. Ed Villanueva, Gibo or Nic Perlas; wielders of the Holy Rosary got different revelations and so distributed their blessings to the various presidentiables;  and, of course, some devotees of Bacchus and Hermes received orders from their haloed patrons  that they should back Erap Estrada.

Herds in different corrals won’t question their own shepherds’ political choices, for after all these decisions are sanctioned by heaven.  It doesn’t matter that they have made God speak with forked tongues.  It doesn’t matter that they have virtually made the Omniscient, All-Benevolent One myopic and capricious.  All that matters is that their respective pasturelands solely bear imprints of God’s grace and that while men will and do sabotage God’s will, their version of truth will eventually prevail over the forces of deception.

When the saints go marching into the polling places during this fateful day of political judgement, I wonder what or if God actually whispered to their blessed ears.

But the best thing for these religious folks to do would be to follow Mike Velarde's advice to his flock: "Vote according to your conscience."


compact said...

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compact said...

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scott saboy said...

thank you kapatid. great site you got there. will try to put in my one-centavo some time. g'day!