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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Culture Matters launched @ the Baguio Museum

Culture Matters, a magazine dedicated to Cordillera-related concerns, was launched today at the Baguio Museum.  Gracing the occasion were Councilor Elmer Datuin, chair for the Baguio City Council Committee on Tourism, and Narda Capuyan, a board member of the Baguio-Mt. Province Museum and the Baguio Flower Festival Foundation. 

Published by the Lin-awa Center for Culture and Arts, the publication seeks "to deepen a great cultural awareness of peoples and places in [the Cordillera]" and to "serve as a tool for cultural education and a platform for educators, students, culture  and arts enthusiasts and researchers to write about indigenous materials, publish ethnographic research and cultural documentations that will be used to inform, transform and nurture whatever remains of our cultural heritage."

The theme for this maiden issue is Festivals of the Cordillera.  Stella Maria L. de Guia in her editorial,  "Feasting on the Cordillera Festivals," underscored the social and economic values of the annual galas in the Cordillera as well as the challenges of maintaining and reinforcing the integrity of indigenous culture while surfing the waves of  globalization.

The contributors to this issue are Ike T. Picpican, Scott Magkachi Saboy, Glo R. Abaeo, Fr. Roland P. Buyagan, Remedios U. Andrada, Lars KjaerholmAnnielyn P. Pucking, and Lucia B. Ruiz.

For Cordillerans, festivals are milieus to review the past, so the road map of heritage conservation can be chartered for the future, lest tradition is completely forgotten as a result of globalization....
Though these festivals showcase the destination, care must be exercised by the host city, municipality or province to ensure that the carrying capacity is not exceeded; otherwise, problems related to the environment, water, peace and order will ensure.  Over-commercialization of the festival also reduces its cultural objective and heritage revival. (Stella Maria L. de Guia)

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Michel P.M. Schwarz said...

Tnx, Stella. Yes, Culture, arts, humanism leads the world..not power, competition or money. the rich heritage of the Cordillera should not be forgotten for easy money!